• 99.9% VIRGIN NEPALIYA COPPER HAWAN KUND WITH STAND – हवन कुंड स्टैंड सहित
  • 99.9% VIRGIN NEPALIYA COPPER HAWAN KUND WITH STAND – हवन कुंड स्टैंड सहित


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Total weight: 2900gm (2.9kg) approx ; 99.9% original Nepaliya copper ; Size: as shown in image (the measurements of hawan kund is according to the AYURVEDA ; Comes with stand
Made In India
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 First let’s know about hawan. Hawan is a kind of practice done for several reasons, by several people at several occasions. Hawan does not indicate any particular religion, it indicates the mankind, it’s for the welfare of body, surrounding environment, and maintaining the flow of positive energy. Its Sanskrit mantras don’t mention any kind of religion or there believes. In early days, hawan was performed by everyone, every day, to keep themselves and their surrounding environment healthy and maintain health peace.

In rigveda, hawan is considered to be the best option to keep themselves and their environment healthy. Hawan basically means, offering prayers to god in front of fire and thanking them for everything that we have, and pray to maintain the things, and balance between nature, energy and living beings. In simple language or in scientific language, hawan helps to maintain healthy life, better lifestyle and maintaining living nature balance (does not indicate any kind of religion or their believes)

Now let’s talk about our main topic hawan kund. Hawan kund is an instrument used for containing fire in it at the time when we perform hawan. Hawan kund can be made with several metals. But according to the Vedic knowledge, hawan kund made from gold and silver are the best. But in modern world it’s hard to find the pure form of metal and also they are way more too expensive. That’s why people started using copper, steel, bricks sand, as a source to make hawan kund.

After analysing the present conditions, hawan kund made from copper is the better option as compared to others. There are 2 types of copper - Malechha, Nepaliya. In which - Malechha is made with recycled metal, corrupted and polluted, works as a poison, whereas Nepaliya is a virgin form of metal, refined and healthy and benifitical for living. Hawan kund of copper should be manufactured with the help of nepaliya copper for better and healthy environment.

The reason for choosing copper after gold and silver is that, as copper has a strength to attract electromagnetic waves and reflect them with high energy which helps in a better flow of energy in our surrounding and provides positive health and healthy environment. Now a days, SHANTI KUNJ and ARYA SAMAJ has also started using copper hawan kund.

Here at chakradhari, we are providing you a copper hawan kund, made with 99.9% pure copper (nepaliya copper). Its shape is of reversed pyramid (as given in Veda), its dimensions are: length x breath is 24cmx37.5cm, height of 26cm (make sure that hawan kund made with less than this given dimensions are considered as of no use). We have given a small hole at the bottom of the kund for better ventilation or an exit door for gases. The AUM on our hawan kund indicates humanity, welfare of living and a reason for living beings existence. This hawan kund is made with the minimum size used in Veda (we are working on large size hawan kund as well and will update you as soon as possible). One can perform hawan on daily bases as well, as per their own convenience. But one should perform hawan at least one in a month or twice in a month. We will give an instruction manual with the hawan kund to know more about it and also how to perform it and how it gives benefits to not only you but also your surroundings as well.

NOTE: we also make hawan kund manufactured with gold and silver as per the convenience of the customer and their needs. You can order it via what’s app.


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