• Vijayanti Mala 108 Plus 1 Beads  – बैजंती माला (एक सौ आठ संग गुरु - मनका)
  • Vijayanti Mala 108 Plus 1 Beads  – बैजंती माला (एक सौ आठ संग गुरु - मनका)
  • Vijayanti Mala 108 Plus 1 Beads  – बैजंती माला (एक सौ आठ संग गुरु - मनका)

Vijayanti Mala 108 Plus 1 Beads – बैजंती माला (एक सौ आठ संग गुरु - मनका)

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100% natural beads are used which are non- heated and non- treated ; 108+1 beads
Country of Origin: India
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Introducing the sacred Vaijayanti Mala, a divine necklace adorned with greyish beads of Vaijayanti. These shimmering beads are derived from the Vaijayanti seed, found in the mystical forests of Braj. Each bead carries a unique radiance, symbolizing purity and spiritual significance.
The Vaijayanti Mala holds deep-rooted beliefs and protective qualities. It is revered as an instrument, harnessing the power to shield individuals from the malevolent gaze of the evil eye and ward off negative energies. This sacred necklace serves as a powerful instrument, creating a shield of positive vibrations around the wearer.
Beyond its protective attributes, the Vaijayanti Mala holds immense spiritual value. It is widely used for chanting and meditation practices, especially in devotion to the Divine. When held and adorned during prayers, the Vaijayanti Mala is believed to enhance focus, deepen spiritual connection, and facilitate a state of tranquility and bliss.
Legend has it that the Vaijayanti necklace graces the necks of revered deities such as Lord Satyanarayan, Lord Vishnu, and Devi Lakshmi. It is said that Mother Earth, with profound love and devotion, presented this necklace to Lord Krishna after a significant battle to safeguard the universe. Since then, this necklace has held immense significance and remains close to the heart of Lord Krishna.
The Vaijayanti Mala symbolizes the eternal love and devotion of Lord Krishna's devotees. By wearing this sacred necklace, one can connect with the divine energy, experience spiritual elevation, and invoke the blessings of Lord Krishna and the divine realm.
The Vaijayanti Mala not only holds spiritual significance but also exhibits a captivating beauty. The lustrous grey beads, intricately strung together, create a mesmerizing visual appeal. When worn, it adds an aura of grace and reverence, signifying the devotion and dedication of the wearer.
Embrace the power and grace of the Vaijayanti Mala as it becomes an integral part of your spiritual journey. Allow its protective energies to surround you, guiding you through challenges and negativities. Engage in heartfelt prayers and meditation, as each bead becomes an instrument to spiritual enlightenment and divine communion.
With its rich history and sacred essence, the Vaijayanti Mala is a cherished treasure bestowed upon devotees. Experience its profound impact on your spiritual practice, as it connects you with the divine realm and helps you walk the path of devotion, peace, and eternal bliss.


Rating 5/5 based on 1 reviews

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Aishwarya Shinde
Aishwarya Shinde

original and good

beautiful made and original beads. Loved this beautiful vaijanti mala