Kansa Massager


In today’s world, having eye sight problem has become a common thing. But it is not a normal thing. Now a day’s people spend their most of the time in front of computers, mobiles and other devices which giving harmful rays. In that condition we only left with an option of spectacles.

According to our Vedic knowledge, we can improve our eye sight with the help of simple massage. The massager elements are: Kansa metal with pure bilona ghee. Indian Vedic science says, Kansa and ghee together has a power of improving eye sight. They gave us the easiest process for making our eye sight strong.

Process of massage: take Kansa instrument (make sure it is made up of pure Kansa metal). Now, apply a thin layer of pure bilona ghee on the instrument surface. Next thing is to do massage. Massage the souls of your both legs at least for half an hour. You may think why soul of feet. It’s because major arteries and veins in our body has activation point in the soul of feet, even the arteries and veins of our eyes has an activation point in our legs. Massaging them with Kansa and pure bilona ghee will help in better blood flow, which provide our eyes some quality of ghee and Kansa. It is very helpful in improving your eye sight. One can observe result within 45-50 days.

Next important thing is, in today’s world it’s hard to find pure quality of Kansa and pure bilona ghee. Here at CHAKRADHARI, we made your work easier. We have designed Kansa massager to make this process easier. We have 2 types of Kansa massagers: HAND KANSA MASSAGER, it is designed with placing a Kansa katori at bottom for massage and a wood handle (sagvan wood) for easy accessibility, one feet can be massaged at a time. Another one is, MACHINE KANSA MASSAGER, two kansa glasses are placed on both the sides of the machine handle, so that you can massage both legs at a same time and also time saving.

NOTE: person who consume alcohol, do smoking and eat non veg food, has to stop doing these things when they are taking this treatment.