• Black Agate Jaap Mala 8mm 108 Plus 1 Beads            -
  • Black Agate Jaap Mala 8mm 108 Plus 1 Beads            -
  • Black Agate Jaap Mala 8mm 108 Plus 1 Beads            -

Black Agate Jaap Mala (8mm) 108 Plus 1 Beads – काला अक़ीक़ माला जाप हेतु (एक सौ आठ संग गुरु - मनका)

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100% natural beads are used which are non- heated and non- treated ; 8mm 108+1 beads
Country of Origin: India
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Different religions are used and held in every religion. There are many types of sacred glands mentioned in the scriptures. Wearing these garlands and chanting mantras blesses the gods and goddesses. The beads of different beads are used to chant the mantras and blessings of different gods and goddesses. While keeping these divine glands, keeping in mind the rules, one can get rid of many problems of life. These garlands are considered very divine and miraculous. There are many types of garlands like Rudraksha Mala, Rhinestone Mala, Tulsi Mala, Sandalwood Mala, Lotus Garland etc. Wearing all these glands gives different fruits.

Benefits of agate mala:-

1. Increases spiritual inspirations and overcoming negative emotions.

2. Aids in fear and loneliness

3. It is a powerful healer.

4. It attracts good fortune by removing bad luck.

5. Agate offers clensing and endurance to the body,mind and spirit.


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