• 999 Virgin Nepaliya Copper Hawan Kund With Stand
  • 999 Virgin Nepaliya Copper Hawan Kund With Stand
  • 999 Virgin Nepaliya Copper Hawan Kund With Stand

99.9% Virgin Nepaliya Copper Hawan Kund With Stand – हवन कुंड स्टैंड सहित

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Total weight: 2900gm (2.9kg) approx ; 99.9% original Nepaliya copper ; Size: as shown in image (the measurements of hawan kund is according to the AYURVEDA ; Comes with stand.
Copper reacts with moisture even when packed, forming a greenish or blackish coating called patina. To clean it easily, use a mixture of lemon and salt. The citric acid acts as a natural cleaner, restoring copper's original shine.
Country of Origin: India
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Many Think its too costly - compared to local market.
But here is the soul of the product -
- Nepaliya virgin copper  used.
- Accuracy is taken cared as per Rigveda.
- Made of Heavy Metal - so that energy travels a lot in the Hawan Kund to outward atmosphere.
- Most practical Hawan Kund - with all benefits after Performance of Hawan.
- Tried and seen results after performing hawan for 2 continuous years with all positive Vibrations.
- Its now a combination of Ancient and Modern Technology for development of Hawan Kund.
- Its is a property which can be handed over to coming generations.
- Can be used for all purpose - including - Marriage Ceremony, Daily Dev Yagya, Homa Activity, all other functions and daily use, In all its very Auspicious.
- We know very well at ground level how hardly we are making these products available - its like too hard for us.

If still you feel very same that its too costly, Then we recommend You can also try at your own to make it or manufacture it at your level.


Experience the Sacred Fire with the Havan Kund -

A Gateway to Positive Energy and Wellness in whole atmosphere!

The Havan Kund is a sacred device that encapsulates the divine fire during the auspicious ritual of Havan. Crafted from various metals, the choice of material holds great significance. According to RigVeda, Havan Kund made of gold and silver is considered the pinnacle of excellence. However, considering the present circumstances, a Copper Havan Kund emerges as the preferred choice.

To ensure a better and healthier environment, our Copper Havan Kund is meticulously crafted using pure Nepaliya copper. Copper, renowned for its exceptional properties, exists in two forms: malechha and nepaliya. While malechha copper is derived from recycled metal and carries harmful impurities, Nepaliya copper stands as a refined and beneficial element for life. The purity of Nepaliya copper enables it to attract and transmit electromagnetic waves with heightened energy. By reflecting and enhancing the flow of energy around us, it fosters a positive and harmonious environment, promoting holistic well-being.

Our Havan Kund is designed with the minimum size prescribed in RigVeda, ensuring the authenticity and adherence to ancient practices. It serves as a sacred vessel that allows you to perform Havan regularly, aligning with your convenience and spiritual aspirations. If performing Havan on a daily basis is not feasible, consider engaging in the ritual every three days, weekly, or at least once or twice a month. The benefits of Havan extend not only to you but also to the individuals in your vicinity, radiating positivity and auspicious vibrations.

Embrace the profound tradition of Havan and immerse yourself in the transformative power of the sacred fire. Our Copper Havan Kund, handcrafted with utmost care with accuracy and devotion, serves as a conduit for divine energy, fostering a deeper connection with the cosmic forces. Unlock the potential of this sacred ritual, infuse your surroundings with positive vibrations, and embark on a journey towards enhanced well-being and spiritual enlightenment.

NOTE: we also make hawan kund manufactured with gold and silver as per the convenience of the user and their needs. You can order it via what’s app.


Rating 5/5 based on 1 reviews

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Porshia Debnath
Porshia Debnath

A must have in every house.

This Havan kund is vedically made, I received it and checked for its authenticity, it’s worth every penny. Thank you very much .


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