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Brass Metal Kalai Kit -कलई करने के लिए सामग्री

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Nausagar salt: 40gm ; Ranga metal: 25gm ; Fire resistance cotton: 20cm*15cm
Country of Origin: India
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Presenting a kit of all materials for plating brass utensils - To enhance the safety and beauty of your brass utensils and especially to enhance the quality of your food.

Brass Metal Tinning Kit enhances the Protection, Performance and culinary experience of your brass utensils. Inspired by the traditional tin galvanizing (kalayi) process practiced since ancient times in India. This kit is designed to galvanize your utensils. Because today this crisis is deep in the society that - people who do tinning are not found. To deal with this problem and for your convenience, we have put together all articles in this kit, so that you can get it done sitting at your home, or if you know someone experienced, you can take these items and get them done through them. By applying a thin layer of tin to the surface of your brassware, known as "tinning", it acts as a protective measure against harmful reactions between acidic and alkaline foods and the metal, ensures safe and healthy cooking.


1. Enhanced Food Safety: This traditional galvanizing process prevents food poisoning by forming a shield, preventing harmful substances from the brass surface from transferring to your food. You can ensure the life essence of the food you cook by galvanizing brass utensils with the help of Brass Metal Kalai Kit. That means this food will be perfect.

2. Ayurvedic Benefits: According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, pure tin metal (from which tinning is done) provides various benefits for the body. When you cook in a brass utensil coated with pure tin, the cooked food absorbs the molecules of pure tin, which further enhances the quality of the food, making your food nutritious. This metal increases the strength of the body, also provides the benefit of immunity from diseases.

The Components Of This Kit Are As Follows:

(This can coat 2 ltr of Pan for 5 times approx) 

1. 99.9% Pure - Ranga Metal Wire Stick - (Ranga Metal Stick - 25 Gram Approx):

    Proven to be able to coat your brass utensils with a thin layer of tin, an effective brass topcoat.

    Which is being used for centuries. 


    Designed to spread tin evenly over utensils, won't burn on its own when pressed in a hot pan,

    and protects your hands.

3. Nausadar Salt (Ammonium Chloride):

    An important component in process of galvanizing, facilitating optimum results in the

    galvanizing process. It is because of this salt that the brass metal is able to spread all over the

    surface of utensil.

If you want, you can also watch its video in which we have taught how to

perform tinning at home on your stove.

Learn - DIY - Traditional Tinning Process



Rating 5/5 based on 3 reviews

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Alpesh Patel
Alpesh Patel

Nice product


Surekha Bagul
Surekha Bagul

Kalai kit

Thanks to the kalai kit, making kalai at home is very simple and easy. The quality of the product is very good.

Kunal Domkawale
Kunal Domkawale

A genuine and good quality product!

I very much liked it!


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