• Gold, Copper And Silver-3 Metal Bangle With 99.9% Purity
  • Gold, Copper And Silver-3 Metal Bangle With 99.9% Purity
  • Gold, Copper And Silver-3 Metal Bangle With 99.9% Purity

Gold, Copper And Silver-3 Metal Bangle With 99.9% Purity

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Gold weight: 70gm ; Silver weight: 41gm ; Copper weight: 38gm ; Total weight: 149gm ; Size: free size
Country of Origin: India
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In Ayurvedic Science, metals have a huge significance. Since India is rich in metallurgical theories and practical, you can find many metallic ornaments for different parts of the body having fantastic benefits towards health. However, some ornaments are worn by both men and women and provide great benefits to both of them. One of those is ‘Kada’ which is worn in hands. ‘Kada’ comes in various metals like gold, silver, copper, etc. But, have you ever thought, what will be the energy level of the kada when it has gold, silver and copper at one place with the highest purity @ 99.99%? Let’s know about it.

Here at CHAKRADHARI, we are providing 3 metal bangle which has 99.9% pure gold, 99.9% pure silver and 99.9% pure copper. This works like a very effective tool for body – Either it’s concerned for Health or Wealth.
This tool is able to grab enormous amount of positive energy and provide it to the wearer. It represents, BRAHMA (Copper), VISHNU (Gold) and MAHESH (Silver).
It helps in balancing Tridosha - 
Highly recommended to every person as a life growth amulet on arm or wrist of the wearer.
Helps in Career growth, Helps to reach on subtle position in this competitive era.
This can make wearer happy and hassle free – as this can attract high amount of positive waves from cosmos.
If we talk about Astrology that’s called Phalit Jyotish – there is a dosh called – “KAAL SARP DOSH” – this bangle is the only remedy of the DOSH.
More over people involved in meditation and yoga can grow in their field by putting these metals on their body. Even teacher of Yoganand Saraswati whose name was YOGESHWAR taught him to wear this 3 metal bangle – that can be a life changing instrument.

Overall if we say in one line – this can open ways of success in every aspect of the wearer.


Rating 5/5 based on 1 reviews

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Sushma T
Sushma T

GOLD and SILVER kada

I came to know about this bangle, when I read the book -Autobiography of yogi,where 3 metals are interwoven with their purity to the highest, in these days which I highly not possible,not reliable too. When I came to know in the name of CHAKRADHARI,. Saurabh Garu is providing as per the ancient text. So it was blessing to approach him for this bangle. But mine is 2 metal gold and silver as I wanted go well with the traditional as well as contemporary dresses. He is very kind to do,as per my wish and concern. It has been 7months since I started wearing the Bangle. I became more confident, unnecessary people and thoughts slowly started fading away. Further my concentration has increased more than earlier, quality of sleep improved. Needless to say, this bangle catches the attention of people's eyes as it RADIATES with its own beauty. Overall Iam blessed and lucky to have this bangle. In gratitude, I bow down my head to the great Sages,who have given this kind of jewellery for human well being. I am also grateful to Saurabh garu, with out him,it would have been impossible to get this kind of jewellery of the highest quality.


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