• Gold Copper And Silver-3 Metal Bangle With 999 Purity
  • Gold Copper And Silver-3 Metal Bangle With 999 Purity
  • Gold Copper And Silver-3 Metal Bangle With 999 Purity

Gold, Copper And Silver-3 Metal Bangle With 99.9% Purity

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Gold weight: 70gm ; Silver weight: 41gm ; Copper weight: 38gm ; Total weight: 149gm ; Size: free size.
Copper reacts with moisture even when packed, forming a greenish or blackish coating called patina. To clean it easily, use a mixture of lemon and salt. The citric acid acts as a natural cleaner, restoring copper's original shine.
Country of Origin: India
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Unlock the Power of the Three-Metal Bangle: Gold, Silver, and Copper

Metals have always held a special place in Ayurvedic science, and India's rich history of metallurgical theories and practices has given rise to certain ornaments that offer incredible benefits to their wearers. Introducing our exquisite three-metal bangle, a single bangle crafted from the finest 99.9% pure gold, silver, and copper. This unique piece is not just a mere ornament; it is a powerful instrument that can enhance both your health and wealth, elevating your life to new heights.

Within this single bangle, you will find the divine essence of three metals. Gold represents Vishnu, the preserver, symbolizing purity and prosperity. Silver embodies Mahesh, the destroyer, bringing serenity and balance. Copper represents Brahma, the creator, exuding energy and vitality. Together, these metals form a harmonious trinity that encompasses the powers of creation, preservation, and transformation.

Wearing this three-metal bangle on your wrist or arm allows you to tap into the immense energy and blessings that each metal bestows. It acts as a conduit, channeling cosmic forces into your being, infusing your life with positivity and abundance. By embracing this bangle, you invite an extraordinary flow of energy from the universe, leading to a life filled with joy, prosperity, and fulfillment.

This three-metal bangle is not merely a fashion statement; it is a life-changing instrument that can bring remarkable benefits to your existence. It serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, encouraging a holistic approach to well-being. The energies of gold, silver, and copper work synergistically to align your chakras, strengthen your aura, and create a harmonious balance within.

In metallurgy, this three-metal bangle is believed to be the only remedy to cure "Kal-Sarp" dosha, as mentioned in phalit jyotish. The wearer can also find relief from situations where they feel their hard work and deeds are not yielding the desired results. Additionally, those who are already content in their lives can wear this bangle to further progress towards enlightenment through the metallurgical energy it harnesses. This kada was also recommended by Paramhansa Yogananda in his book "Autobiography of a Yogi."

Embrace the power of this three-metal bangle and witness the transformation unfold in your life. Let it become a symbol of your aspirations and a reminder of your connection to the divine. Allow the energies of gold, silver, and copper to work in unison, attracting wealth, promoting good health, and fostering a sense of spiritual growth. Wearing this three-metal bangle is an invitation to experience the profound benefits that have been cherished for centuries. It is a symbol of empowerment, a token of good fortune, and a testament to your commitment to living a life of abundance and harmony. Embrace the magic of the three metals and embark on a journey of self-discovery, prosperity, and spiritual awakening.


Rating 5/5 based on 1 reviews

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Sushma T
Sushma T

GOLD and SILVER kada

I came to know about this bangle, when I read the book -Autobiography of yogi,where 3 metals are interwoven with their purity to the highest, in these days which I highly not possible,not reliable too. When I came to know in the name of CHAKRADHARI,. Saurabh Garu is providing as per the ancient text. So it was blessing to approach him for this bangle. But mine is 2 metal gold and silver as I wanted go well with the traditional as well as contemporary dresses. He is very kind to do,as per my wish and concern. It has been 7months since I started wearing the Bangle. I became more confident, unnecessary people and thoughts slowly started fading away. Further my concentration has increased more than earlier, quality of sleep improved. Needless to say, this bangle catches the attention of people's eyes as it RADIATES with its own beauty. Overall Iam blessed and lucky to have this bangle. In gratitude, I bow down my head to the great Sages,who have given this kind of jewellery for human well being. I am also grateful to Saurabh garu, with out him,it would have been impossible to get this kind of jewellery of the highest quality.


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