• Gomti Chakra Medium – 11 PC SET गोमती चक्र मध्यम – 11 नग
  • Gomti Chakra Medium – 11 PC SET गोमती चक्र मध्यम – 11 नग
  • Gomti Chakra Medium – 11 PC SET गोमती चक्र मध्यम – 11 नग
  • Gomti Chakra Medium – 11 PC SET गोमती चक्र मध्यम – 11 नग

Gomti Chakra Medium – 11 PC SET गोमती चक्र मध्यम – 11 नग

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Size: medium size ; Actual weight can't be defined as they are natural ; 11 piece (1 set)
Country of Origin: India
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Today let's talk about the Gomti Chakra.

Gomti Chakra is extremely virtuous and self-proven. Their power is rare and deep. This thing given by Bhagavan Narayan certainly has amazing energies. Every human can get unlimited benefits from this sea stone. Be it physical or spiritual or physical - all kinds of benefits can happen to human beings and it is definitely possible for human welfare.

It is a cheap white stone which is found in the Gomti River. It is because of the name of this river that it is called Gomti Chakra. It is believed that this is a form of Goddess Lakshmi. It is used in worship and tantric work. It is said that many diseases are cured by this.

Uses of Gomti Chakra: -

1. Whenever a new building is built, whether it is for living or for business, a Gomti Chakra is pressed into its foundation while building it. By doing this, the fate of all the people living in that building rises and there is no harm to the building either.

2. Gomti Chakra is tied in red cloth and kept in rice or wheat, by doing this there is never a shortage of food grains and happiness in the house.

3. On the day of Diwali, Gomti Chakra is kept with the worship of Maa Lakshmi ji. By doing this, always keep the grace of Maa Lakshmi ji and get wealth.

4. If someone's womb is tied and she is not having a child or if she is miscarried again and again, then wrap the Gomti Chakra in the cloth and tie it on the waist of the woman.

5. If a snake is formed in a person's horoscope and wants to get rid of the snake defect, then that person can get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh and Snake Dosh by invoking the Gomti Chakra and wearing it around his neck.

6. By pressing the Gomti Chakra inside your house, all types of Vastu defects are removed.

7. To get rid of your enemy, write his name on a Gomti Chakra and bury the Gomti Chakra in the ground, by doing so your enemy will be defeated.

8. If there is a fight in the house, then keep the Gomti Chakra in a vermilion dabby and keep the dabby inside the house, doing so keeps peace and happiness in the house.

9. A person whose marriage is interrupted or not getting married, if he worships Gomti Chakra with the idol of Shri Krishna ji for seven days continuously, then marriage will happen very soon.

10. If you are not finding a job or you are not progressing, then give two Gomti Chakras in your pocket and give interviews, then you will get a job or if you go to work place in your pocket then you will progress very quickly.

Use for health benefits:

Seven Gomti Chakra thrice over the person who is sick and throws it in the running water, due to this, the diseases of the patient slowly start to go away.

The method of Gomti Chakra to get the money stuck:

Whichever person has withheld your wealth, you should use this Gomti Chakra to get your money from it.

You take five Gomti Chakras and ask the name of the person to beg Lakshmi to get your money. Then suppress these five Gomti Chakras in the soil of Gilli.

To invoke the Gomti Chakra || Mantra ||

"Clere creon crefon kamklakali krfle kron clem swaha"

|| ॐ का झंडा ऊँचा रहे||

|| Jai Chakradhari ||



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