• Natural Bajrangi Sindur – प्राकर्तिक बजरंगी सिंदूर
  • Natural Bajrangi Sindur – प्राकर्तिक बजरंगी सिंदूर

Natural Bajrangi Sindur – प्राकर्तिक बजरंगी सिंदूर

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Weight: 121gm ; 100% natural ; No synthetic chemical is used ; NOTE: Mix ghee only in the amount of sindur that you are going to use at a moment.
Country of Origin: India
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India is rich in culture, religion and many more believes. From which Hinduism is the most common religion practiced in India. People worship god as there ideal, inspiration, well-wisher, father, mother, etc.

From which RAMAYANA is one of the famous religious story. Lord RAM was dedicated towards his responsibilities and his wife SITA. She use to put sindur in her maang (partition in hairs) as a token to show her dedication towards her husband. HANUMAN, (also known as bajrang bali or bajrangi) he was the greatest devoter to RAM till date, he was committed to RAM and used to worship him. He once saw SITA using sindur to show her dedication to her husband, from which HANUMAN gets an idea to paint himself in sindur to show his devotion to LORD RAM. Since then, bajrang bali wears a chola of sindur.

Bajrangi sindur is named after the incident that happened in ramayan, in which bajrangi represents HANUMAN and sindur represents his devotion to LORD RAM. People worship HANUMAN as a father, the symbol of strength and power. In modern world is hard to make people believe the things make logic without any proof. But do you know putting sindur in mang has its scientific reasons as well. By applying sindoor it reduces anxiety and stress, it increases the power of concentration, etc.

In market bajrangi sindur is made artificially with the help of mercury and mercury dioxide, which works as a poison. That’s why, here we bought you a 100% natural sindur, which is obtained from tree. This bajrangi sindur can also be used by both ladies and gents. It is natural and safe with many beneficial qualities.

Bajrangi sindur is specially used for bajrang bali chola due to its colour shade (light orange) and appearance. People who are facing problems regarding their career, work or any incomplete matters, uses bajrangi sindur chola plating for HANUMAN to help them with their works and decisions specially on tuesdays and saturdays. The outcomes of this are really impressive and great.

To use this sindur there is a special way; take a few amount of sindur in kharal, put some ghee in it and mix them well. Until they both get mixed well masquerade gee and sindur well. Now, it’s ready to use.

There are some precautions as well you have to follow; as it’s a natural sindur.

1.       Mix ghee only in the amount of sindur that you are going to use at a moment. This natural sindur can’t be stored for a long time after activating it, by mixing ghee in it.

2.       Make sure the sindur do not comes in a contact with moisture, until comes in a use. 


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