• Natural Suhagin Sindur – प्राकर्तिक सुहागिन सिंदूर
  • Natural Suhagin Sindur – प्राकर्तिक सुहागिन सिंदूर

Natural Suhagin Sindur – प्राकर्तिक सुहागिन सिंदूर

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Weight: 121gm ; 100% natural ; No synthetic chemical is used ; NOTE: Mix ghee only in the amount of sindur that you are going to use at a moment.
Country of Origin: India
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Women are sign of power, strength, love, affection, dedication, fashion, etc. Among all, married women are the perfect example to suit these criteria. They work hard for their career, taking care of children, look after elders and fulfil everyone’s need. The kind of devotion they have towards everyone she cares about is rare to find in others.

Married women show her devotion towards her husband in many ways. From which, in India, married women use sindur in her maang (partition in hairs) as a token of devotion and as an identity about them being married. Many believes that it is a ritual, but it also have many scientific benefits too. By applying sindur it reduces anxiety and stress, increases the power of concentration, emphasis power and strength.

Suhagin sindur is named after, suhagin indicates the identity of women being married and sindur indicates her devotion towards her husband. In market suhagin sindur is made artificially with the help of mercury and mercury dioxide, which works as a poison and can cause breast cancer. Women using artificial sindur don’t know about what they are doing wrong. That’s why, here we bought you a 100% natural sindur, which is obtained from tree. This sindur can also use by gents. It is natural and safe with many beneficial qualities.

This sindur is mainly used by married women due to its colour shade (red orange) and appearance. Many believes say that, if one donates this sindur to a married woman or in temple at the time of NAVRATRI, it heals the navgraha dosh. The results of donating this sindur are really impressive.

To use this sindur there is a special way; take a few amount of sindur in kharal, put some ghee in it and mix them well. Until they both get mixed well masquerade gee and sindur well. Now, it’s ready to use.

There are some precautions as well you have to follow; as it’s a natural sindur.

1.       Mix ghee only in the amount of sindur that you are going to use at a moment. This natural sindur can’t be stored for a long time after activating it, by mixing ghee in it.

2.       Make sure the sindur do not comes in a contact with moisture, until comes in a use.


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