• Natural Tilak Sindur
  • Natural Tilak Sindur

Natural Tilak Sindur – प्राकर्तिक तिलक सिंदूर

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Weight: 121gm ; 100% natural ; No synthetic chemical is used ; NOTE: Mix ghee only in the amount of sindur that you are going to use at a moment.
Country of Origin: India
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Guests are also been a special part of our daily lives. We all have different ways to show our happiness towards them being present with us in a moment.

In India it is believed that,

|| अतिथि देवो भव: ||

Which means, guests are equal to god. And they should be treated well. In India people show there gesture of happiness to guests by putting tilak (A mark worn on the forehead). They put tilak on each other’s forehead to welcome them n show the polite gesture towards their presence.

Tilak sindur is named after, tilak indicates the sign of welcoming and sindur indicates gesture towards their presence. This differs from culture to culture but is also have scientific reasons. By applying sindur it reduces anxiety and stress, increases the power of concentration, emphasis power and strength. In market sindur is made artificially with the help of mercury and mercury dioxide, which works as a poison and can cause skin cancer.

Many of you still don’t know that sindur is still largely grown in India. But due to peoples lack of knowledge they sell it to multinational companies which uses it as a food colour and in many more products. That’s why, here we bought you a 100% natural sindur, which is obtained from tree. This sindur can also use by ladies. It is natural and safe with many beneficial qualities.

This sindur is mainly used by gents due to its colour shade (dark orange) and its appearance. It helps in increasing concentration power and provide right path for doing good. It also protect from evil eye and any other negative powers.

To use this sindur there is a special way; take a few amount of sindur in kharal, put some ghee in it and mix them well. Until they both get mixed well masquerade gee and sindur well. Now, it’s ready to use.

There are some precautions as well you have to follow; as it’s a natural sindur.

1.       Mix ghee only in the amount of sindur that you are going to use at a moment. This natural sindur can’t be stored for a long time after activating it, by mixing ghee in it.

2.       Make sure the sindur do not comes in a contact with moisture, until comes in a use.


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